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What is Starfish?

One day, there was a little boy on the beach with his mum. He saw a lot of Starfish stranded on the beach and started to throw them back into the sea. His mum asked him,”What are you doing? You can’t help all those starfish!” He said, “I just helped that one… and that one… and that one!

So I am helping build Joshua Dhube school, one piece of crochet at a time.

Building a school one piece of crochet at a time

My name is Jill Geddes. I have been fundraising to build Joshua Dhube School in Zimbabwe since 2013. For five years, I went to Zimbabwe to help build a two classroom block. I have been to the site and helped dig foundations, lay bricks, be a labourer on site and paint existing classrooms. I am booked to go again in 2022, having missed a visit owing to the pandemic.

All profits from the Starfish stall and Facebook page go to help the school. So far, it has paid for tables, cupboards, posters, books, coloured pencils and paths and steps across the school

This is a Mission Direct project. Mission Direct is a Christian charity sending people overseas to work alongside those who could do with a little help and support

Mission Direct

Mission Direct is a small UK based charity based in Hitchin.Through short term mission they aim to make a lasting difference to some of the world’s most vulnerable people.


Their vision is to demonstrate Christian service to the material poor and most vulnerable around the world.


Their mission is to take volunteers to work in partnership with local communities- building hope and bringing change through practical and sustainable development.

Mission Direct


The Starfish stall raises money for Joshua Dhube Primary school in Dangamvura, Zimbabwe. Giving children a good education is a way to help both them and their families have a good life.

I make all kinds of crocheted and sewn goods, which I sell on my Starfish.help stall. See me on Facebook as well.


Message me through Facebook or email me at [email protected]


There are regular sales. Keep an eye out for a venue near you on Facebook

Buying an item

Any item can be requested and I will post it to you. You do not need to come to a sale.